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The WIE Awards

Women in Entertainment's programming is designed to spark a broader, more transparent dialogue that focuses on current and emerging topics with analysis and depth that has not yet been explored by a dedicated program.


Together, we seek to find creative answers to the challenges facing women in the entertainment industry.


Now for the first time, we’re dedicating an awards program to celebrate those who have been making a difference through their work and dedication to their craft, trailblazing a path for all women in the industry.



Award Winners Receive...

All five WIE Award winners will get the opportunity to speak on a panel at our sixth annual Women in Entertainment Summit, taking place on Thursday, March 10, 2022 at the Skirball Center in Los Angeles, CA! (or if they're unable to attend the Summit; any WIE event in NYC or LA).


This is an incredible opportunity for individuals and organizations to share their stories, journeys, advice, predictions, and guidance with an engaged, curious audience of 500+ media, business, culture, and humanitarian thought leaders from the entertainment industry and beyond, as well as students and teachers from high school and university programs.

In addition to the Summit panel speaking spot,

winners will receive:


  • Recognition on our website, in a press release, in a dedicated newsletter sent to the entire WIE network, and on our social media channels

  • Recognition in social media announcements and additional press materials related to the Summit

  • Access to the speaker’s green room during the event, with the opportunity to connect directly with fellow Summit speakers and panelists

  • 5 complimentary guest passes to the WIE Summit on March 10, 2022, to bring colleagues and friends along to experience the full day of activities and thought leadership

  • On-site video activation at the Summit and interview opportunities



This award is open to anyone working in the entertainment industry, both creative and executive/strategy positions. Please be aware of a few eligibility requirements:


1. WIE values every single person who contributes to a successful organization, crew, or production, not only those at the President/C-level. However, most of today’s awards programs are geared towards celebrating only those in senior-level positions. That’s why at this time, we will give first preference to candidates who do not have the word “Chief” or “President” in their title.


2. WIE was founded on positivity and helping each of our members to build their own network of champions within the industry. We work hard to provide a safe space in which we can tell our stories free of judgement, gossip, and negativity. Winners must be in alignment with this mission and aim to reflect that ethos while addressing the WIE audience.


3. To be eligible for the “Rising Star” category, candidates must be in the emerging stages of their career, with 6 or less years of professional experience in their current field. All other categories are open to any and all levels of experience!


If you or someone you know would be a good fit for any of the categories listed below,

apply today!!




The Champion is someone who’s lifted and supported the people around them; providing guidance, creative inspiration, help, or services in times of need. Whether their guidance has influenced many, a few, or just one person, The Champion’s shining light is a beacon for others, illuminating the path to success.



The Disruptor is someone who has found a true gap in the industry and filled it with their ideas.


Their creativity and innovation have tangible effects on their organization or the larger entertainment industry—including improving upon outdated processes, driving inclusion, increasing accessibility, or other positive effects.

Rising Star.png


The Rising Star is an emerging creative or executive who demonstrates incredible promise and exceeds expectations of a new role. To be eligible for this category, candidates must be in the emerging stages of their career, with 6 or less years of professional experience in their current field.


**Note, “years of experience” applies only to the candidate’s experience in their current field — those who have made major career switches or who have joined the entertainment industry after previously working in another industry are also eligible. 



The Collaborator is someone who embodies the virtue of great teamwork, and shows fearlessness and ingenuity in pursuing new collaborations, whether they be innovative partnerships, creative integrations, combined teams, group efforts, or more.    



The Chameleon is someone has added to their work responsibilities with grace and is excelling across multiple roles—the true definition of “multi-hyphenate.” This can be someone who wears multiple hats within one organization, who has become proficient in a new area of expertise, or taken the leap into a new role; championing personal and professional development and expanding their skill set.



Early Deadline: January 10, 2021 11:55 pm ET  -- $200 per entry

Regular Deadline: February 1, 2022

11:55 pm ET  -- $250 per entry

Winners announced: February, 2022

Winners appear at 6th annual WIE Summit: March 10, 2022 (Exact time to be determined, between 9am-4pm ET at the Skirball Cultural Center, 2701 N Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90049)

Entries for The WIE Awards will be evaluated by a panel of leaders in the entertainment industry, working across film, TV, music, media, and more, working across creative and corporate roles.  

Please contact with any questions!

To apply, first fill out the form below with all your information.
Then click "Go to Checkout" to be directed to the payment page on Eventbrite.

Rest assured that as long as you click the Checkout button at the bottom after filling out all the fields, your entry will be submitted! (if you'd like to double-check that it's been received, shoot us an email at 

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