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The entertainment industry has, no doubt, changed dramatically throughout the onset and duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. WIE is committed to providing a way for our network to continue learning and maintain the amazing spirit and love for this industry that we've observed.

In 2022, we're looking forward to a year of growth and connectivity, expanding our market-by-market offerings in new cities including New York City!

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WIE Workshops combine the best aspects of networking events, class sessions, and panel discussions into one interactive, engaging event aimed at arming participants with tactical knowledge and actionable advice about relevant topics integral to their growth in the industry.


We gather some of the brightest, most creative minds in entertainment for our workshop series, providing tactical guidance on production, distribution, budgeting, marketing, screenwriting, the creative process,

mentorship, and more. 


Brunch Series

This series will bring together culturally relevant and diverse speakers for one-on-one interviews over a mid-morning brunch at a local restaurant.


Programming topics include tactical advice about subjects relevant to a young emerging creative/entertainment executive audience, including: 



Pitching a show for distribution

Writing your first pilot or screenplay

Nailing the perfect acting audition

Finding representation

Building an equitable team

Climbing the entertainment industry corporate ladder

Exploring post-production careers

 Healthy Fruit Salad
Dinner Table


Cocktail Series

This series is our take on the classic salon evening in New York City, bringing together the industry's most successful and progressive minds for one-on-one interviews over evening cocktails at high-end locations around the city.


Programming topics will be relevant to an established audience of professionals looking for inspiration for their next project, insights from esteemed voices in media, and networking opportunities for partnerships and creative collaborations; including: 



Women's representation in media, theatre, and music

Building inclusive sets and workplaces

Closing the gender pay gap


WIE Summit

Sixth Annual 

Thank you all again for doing us the Summit this year! Subscribe to our newsletter below for updates on upcoming events!

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