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Every person has a story. We created the In Her Words podcast to share different perspectives and give our community the opportunity to learn from each other’s respective paths. This is a dedicated space for our guests to discuss lessons, pivots, and changes people have made throughout their journey and the way they’ve harnessed creativity for specific shows and characters that are inspiring and impactful. Hosted by Women in Entertainment Co-founders, Renee Rossi, and Gretchen McCourt, the podcast will feature a series of interviews with a variety of extraordinary people.

To pitch a guest to join us on the podcast, please send a submission to our email


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To pitch a guest to join us on the podcast, please email

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Self care for me now is just really talking well to myself and not keeping anybody around me that is full of BS,

authenticity is important and it's being authentic

to yourself as well as externally.

Karen Pitttman

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