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The WIE television program gathers preeminent intersectional leaders in television for a series of discussions, highlighting those who have challenged the status quo, overcome obstacles, and championed inclusivity within the industry. The day-long event rotates at different venues bi-annually in Los Angeles. The next Television Summit will take place in Winter/Spring 2020.  


For a look at the inaugural event's agenda from 2018, please find below.





Fireside: Power of TV

Nina Tassler, Co-Founder PatMa Productions



The Disruptors

Lisa Joy, Westworld; Noreen Halpern, Grace and Frankie; Sharon Farber, Composer; Heather Parry, Gaga: Five Foot Two



Modern Feminism

Veena Sud, The Killing; Michelle Visage, RuPaul's Drag Race; Laura Leighton-Savant, Actress



Ambition Redefined

Krista Vernoff, Grey's Anatomy



Digital Evolution

John Heinsen, Bunnygraph Entertainment; Julie McNamara, CBS All-Access; Jesse Sisgold, Skydance 



Inclusion and Unconscious Bias

Sarah Kate Ellis, GLAAD; Sue Obeidi, MPAC; Codie Oliver, Black Love



Creation of a Character: Costumes

Lyn Paolo, Scandal; Cate Adair,The Man In The High Castle; Hala Bahmet, This Is Us; and Allyson Fanger, Grace & Frankie




Tanya Saracho, Playwright, and Writer






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